Monday, August 3, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

I wanted to start a sort of daily sketch diary thing. I dunno how successful I am going to be at this, but I do want to make a solid effort for at least a week. Here's the catch though: I'm behind right now, because I've got other, more pressing things to attend to.

And as of today, I lost my voice. :( Meh.


  1. But eventually, there's that proverbial glass of OJ, along with the equally proverbial Vicodin. And all's well.

    ...And if you can be sick and still bust out with the drawing, that's some serious respect. Keep it up.

  2. When i first saw the shower drawing i thought " yeah i've ran out tons of times to pick up the phone or answer the door lol "

    but sucks to be you! hope that sickness passes eh? i know that kinda pain so keep the chin up!

  3. I like these little visual journal entries. This is very clever.

    I hate twitter and to some degree facebook statuses (stati?), but in a way this is like a really classy tweet that is somehow very good and doesn't piss me off. It's like instead of just putting up some bullshit status like "I'm sick :C" just to get sympathy comments from people who have nothing better to do, it's like you're challenging yourself to visually express your experiences and feelings in a way that is both entertaining and endearing. It's like instead of just narcissistically assuming that anyone gives a shit, its like your reaching out with this very nice little gift which says, "hey I'm sick, and I miss my friends, but I'm going to make funny/cute/well thought out drawings to show them." Thanks! We miss you too! You're a class act!


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