Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I suck. Blood?

Came up with this funny idea today while talking to Conner about RDJ (Robert Downey Jr)'s announcement about taking on the role of the vampire Lestat. Yes. Apparently, it is true.

I have no excuses. I will stop making them. I will get a job. It will be awesome. And everything will be okay.


  1. LOL! But oh, God...I...love..."Twilight." I can't wait for "New Moon"!!! *SQUEAL* <3<3<3

  2. HAHA! you are AWESOME kalia! also i cannot believe I was not following your blog for some reason! but not to worry! it has been corrected! I really love these little sketches...so sorry to hear you were sick, hope you are feeling better now. :3

  3. hehehe! this funny.

    you don't suck. there's just too much shit going on for people (or, eh, employers?) to know about you yet. i hope they figure it out.


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