Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm lame, I'm sorry.

I haven't updated in ages, I know. So I plan to make ammends with a giant art dump of things that you may or may not have seen (if you follow my DA account), along with some completely new (well, new to you) material:


My first (official) re-imagining of an original character. This character in particular, comes from the head of ChikoChan, and is named "Jocelyn Ada" aka "Chiko". Original art I based my design from can be found here:

Mad Men

The show is just ridiculously well written. Sure it's full of machismo, but I think because of that, the female characters are able to shine so much brighter. (Also, Christina Hendricks is HOT.)

Law-Abiding Hamsters

My best friend asked me to create some cute images for these things called "mahalograms" for her law-school friends to send to one another. (If you're from Hawaii, you probably know what I'm talking about. For the rest of you, "Mahalo" means "Thank You"... these are thank-you cards.) I let her make captions. Other favorites include: "We're not for profit, but I value our friendship", :You're a rule 19", "Forget Erie, let's go shopping!" -- I'd try to explain them, but I don't remember myself. I think you have to be a law student to get the full impact.


I drew this for a co-worker's birthday. She's his favorite character... it's pretty easy to see why. LOL.

Speaking of Co-Workers... here's a profile pic I completed for...
Chris Baker

...who works in our video games department. He specifically asked for Wolverine claws and a smashed up Atari controller. I added the evil grin for good measure.

Easter Coloring Contest

This was used for a coloring contest on Easter at select hotels in Hawaii. I'll admit, it's kind of scary. Hahaha... but hey, I promised new material, didn't I? And this thing took time.

Party Rock Galaxy Shoe

Oh yeah, and I uh...designed a shoe for Nicki Minaj & ShoeDazzle, for kicks. It'd be really interesting to see this go from concept to prototype. Perhaps, someday... The dots on the ankle are supposed to be rhinestones; and the base is supposed to be a blue/black glitter shimmer -- kinda like a marbled bowling ball. I was trying to channel the 80s.

...and this concludes today's post. Tune in tomorrow for an original concept poster for the movie, DRIVE. :D Among other things, perhaps.

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