Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pandas, Goldfish, Kitties, and Chickens! Oh My!

I just finished creating this T-shirt design for my good friend, Scot Matayoshi! He's the new president for PALSO (Pacific Asian Legal Student Organization...or something like that).

I quote, "It would just need to say PALSO somewhere and have something asian-y on it, like bamboo. Or something." So...I went with bamboo. And a panda.

Also, I've been working on creating a color mockup of a painting I hope to someday (soon) produce in oils. I could do it in acrylic, but therein lies the problem...all my acrylic paints are in Hawaii, and there's no way I'm going to waste money buying more. Luckily, the boyfriend is also an artist and very kind and generous. :)

I was trying for something cute and colorful. And what could be more cute than a girl with a kitty on her head?

Annnd this, is a birthday card I whipped up for Javon (a co-worker, who has an unhealthy love/addiction to KFC Double Downs.)

It's been difficult trying to keep up with work, being sick (AGAIN, I know.), and working on my art. For myself, and for others. I've been doing a side comic/graphic novel project collaboration with Aaron Stueve, called "HeadBangin' Hero and the Disgruntled Youth". Which, when I've completed, I will post. :D Yay! (In addition to a shameless promo plug to check it out when it gets published.)

Also, I hope to soon post some development of a set of personal business cards! Hehe... Just in time for Comic Con. If any of y'all are going, btw. Please hit me up! I'll be working at the Marvel Booth for a couple shifts, and I'll also be on deck for the Animation Panels.

Until then, it's 1:23AM, and I NEED TO CRAAASSSSSSHHHHH..... Cheers.


  1. Don't forget your computer

  2. Tea, strawberries, "medicine", flame thrower - check.

    Actually, I wonder how the headphone girl theme would turn out as a shirt design. Maybe with dot matrix underlying the color and lines.


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